Heavy equipment setting and industrial services,
when 1/1000th of an inch matters.

For over 60 years, Senne has been the leader in Northeast Kansas industrial construction and equipment installations.  Senne’s Millwright Team understands your equipment is what makes you money, and has the experience to ensure longevity and production.  

All Senne craft are trained through certified apprenticeship programs and continuing training. The Millwrights Division prides itself on exceeding client expectation by maximizing value during all phases of the project. When 1/1000th of an inch matters, the Senne Millwright Team is ready to help.

  • Heavy Equipment Installations

  • Fabrications

  • Precision Alignment / Laser Shaft Alignments

  • Process Equipment, Conveyors, Pumps

  • Structural Repairs

  • Engineered Rigging Solutions

  • Aggressive Shut Downs & Outages

  • Relocation Projects

  • Emergency Repairs (24/7/365)

  • Scheduled Maintenance

  • Structural Concrete Repairs

  • Pressurized Epoxy Injections

  • CFRP Carbon Fiber Reinforced Concrete Repairs


Services We Provide

Industrial Millwright Services

Laser Shaft Alignment

Precision Equipment Setting

Heavy Equipment Installation

Heavy Equipment Moving

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer

Column Repairs

Structural Concrete Repair and Reinforcement

Conveyor Installation and Maintenance


Invaluable Construction Solutions

We get it, it takes experienced and skilled workers to work with your machinery. Because of that, we offer the latest in tools, equipment and material technology. 

Unlike other industrial divisions, our millwrights don’t use the standard carpenter’s measuring tape; they use a measuring tape that uses 1/1000th of an inch to ensure their work is precise. This precision and excellence to detail pays off for you.